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Wassim Abou Zeid
Very nice i like it so much, but remember words ... read more..
Soundous Bencherif
Soundous Bencherif je suis tres contente de la participation avec vous ... read more..
Lyrics:  Salim Assaf
Music:  Salim Assaf
Arrangement:  Dany Helo
Recording:  Maurice Taweeli
Born to a loving family in Beirut, Lebanon, Haaya showed an aptitude for music since her early years. As a young girl, she would only listen to Abdel Halim, Majida El Roumi, and Feiruz! Although artistic talents and views didn’t run in her family, except for the fact that her mother has a beautiful voice which she never put into singing, Haaya always viewed herself as different from everybody else! Her teachers thought of her the same way, not only for her outstanding academics, but for the fact that she would become so alive and confident when it became to poetry, where she would find the right melodies to each poem and her teachers would have to take her to other classes so the rest of the students would see ... read more..